Tuesday, December 30, 2008


do some things have to be so hard? Right this moment I feel like I could start crying and never stop.

Prayer, or no prayer...

Bible or no Bible...

Worship or no worship

it all comes down to a crying shame right now.

Just sayin'.

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Julie said...

I dont know why some things are so hard. We may never know why till we stand face to face with Jesus.
Maybe when things are hard we lean on Him more. Maybe when things seem to hard to push on and we push a little harder.. that is when we get our miracle. Maybe when things are hard we have no place else to go but sit at His Feet. Maybe through tears the Holy Spirit can begin to do a work in our hearts. Maybe when we worship Him when all we wanna do is curl up in a ball and die He shows up and embraces us. Maybe He would have you post on a blog your heart and a Sister in the Lord would lift you up in Prayer for whatever the situation is. Maybe this Sister was so moved that she prayed that This situation is going to reveal the Lord's hand like never before. Maybe she could send a Blog hug your way !! Just sayin'

God Bless