Friday, October 10, 2008


Yesterday was a good day all around. Before I began work I did a devotional in Psalm 37. Verse 23 really stuck out to me: "The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." I've always believed, "if it matters to you it matters to Him." Nothing is too big or small to you. I really believe you not only care about the large decisions of my life but you care about small things I'm concerned about or small things that bring me joy.

I was blessed by reading and meditating on Psalm 37 and then worshipping at the piano before starting my day. The day unfolded with lots of things to get ready for Friends Day on Sunday ~ a busy but a productive and good day.

I found it interesting that someone called me in the course of my work day and they needed to talk about their problems and get some advice and as they shared with me they said, "I feel kind of guilty to even call you or talk about this...I know my problems are small compared to what others in the world are going through, and I shouldn't be complaining." I promptly quoted Psalm 37:23 to them! "He delights in every detail of their lives." THANK YOU for caring so much for us, despite the fact that someone in the world can always be found that has it worse than any of us do in various circumstances. You aren't put off by us talking about it, venting or being concerned. You are more concerned about us than we are about ourselves and are always there to remind of that if we'll take the time.

There are several details I'm concerned about right now but refusing to worry. I am praying a lot more about them, though. One concerns one of my children. They need your touch right now oh God. Clear away the confusion. Strengthen them. Bring all things together for your glory.

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Sharon said...

I'm glad and grateful HE delights in every detail!

I simply wanted you to know I read your blog today. :0)

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