Friday, October 3, 2008


I have longed for more time the past few days to get into the Word for myself – not to preach, not to prepare for worship, but simply to “be”. The past week has been busy and while I like being busy I don’t like being overwhelmingly busy. I can’t wait for Monday if for nothing else than to have quiet time with you, which is the greatest blessing.

On my way to Lakeland yesterday (where I was meeting with Joy to go to Orlando) despite the talk radio that Larry had on, I was able to block everything else out in my mind and read some in the Word, read Streams in the Desert and spend a little time in reflection as I looked out the window going down the highway.

I was reading in I Samuel 17 about David facing Goliath and in verses 34-37 it talks about him killing the lion and bear in preparation to face his giant, Goliath. I am reminded that we have to face various obstacles along the way to our destiny in order to prepare us. David had a great destiny before him in not only becoming the greatest worship leader/psalmist who ever lived, but also a King and a man after God’s own heart.

The interesting thing is, what was David defeating a lion and bear for? It wasn’t for nothing. He wasn’t sadistic, he certainly wasn’t killing to kill…there was a purpose. The lion and bear were coming in to steal a lamb from his father’s flock. He had to protect the flock. And so he destroyed the lion and the bear.

There are times even today in 2008 I find myself having to take care of bears and lions. They aren’t just irritations to me but they are direct threats to the flock. They must be defeated so that the flock can not only be protected from harm but so that they can flourish and grow.

While defeating wild animals from destroying the flock I not only get tired but I think sometimes that I may die in the process. In verse 37 David said, “The Lord who saved me from the claws of the lion and the bear will save me from this Philistine!” Obviously it was a serious thing when David had to defeat the wild animal and escape their “claws”. Without God he couldn’t have done it and I’m sure he might have had a few moments of fear before the deliverance of the Lord was complete in the matter.

In retrospect I realize that the defeat of the wild animals became just the opportunity that David needed to be prepared for his ultimate destiny. Were he to not gain Godly confidence, courage and faith through defeating those animals he would have never been ready to face his giant. If he quit, he would have ultimately missed the plan of God and would never have been able to become King.I’m realizing that lions and bears are necessary to propel me into the next level that God has for me. Thank you for helping me to defeat them. Day by day I am experiencing victories and I can sense it, I can taste it, I can smell it in the air...victory is at hand!


Aaron said...

Normally these 'psalms' help me connect to God and I use it to do so. This one however, shows me who you are and why I read your blogs. Your attitude, wisdom, consistency, and love for our Lord are expressed in your life and through your blogs.
You are a pastor and live that calling to the best of your ability. Your relationship to God is the center of your life, no matter what is going on around you. You pour out your heart to others selflessly to encourage, uplift, minister, and guide. From all you write and share I see a good strong pastor being led by the Lord in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I also see a good Christian. You present yourself in a way that makes us identify with you. When you say your take about a passage in the Bible I believe it, identify with it and see it through your life and mine. You encourage, influence, and guide me. I think the thing I want to say is: because you stay strong in faith, word, and action I can too.
Thank you for being real.
Thank you for being open.
Thank you for being Deanna:-)
P.S. Here is my last post.
(Copy and paste it in your address bar) It gets into detail what I am going through and the different things God is showing/telling me. You are one of many influences that helped me get to this point where I can listen and respond to God in everyday life. I want to be all God created me to be and now I believe it will happen. I will continue to believe in part because of you. Thank you:-)

Deanna Shrodes said...

Thank you Aaron. You are such a gem. You make my heart smile today...God bless you my friend...