Monday, October 6, 2008

strategic word

It wasn't really a fortune cookies, but it was a word from you, in 2007 and almost immediately it unfolded and became reality in my life.

There's nothing like getting a word from you! You told me to rest in you ~ rest in what you were telling me ~ obey ~ and in refusing to even consider other things and surrender to you, you'd take me to the nations from my laptop. In less than a year after I made the decision to fully obey that word, I was speaking to my precious ladies from Africa for the first time! My life was changed forever, that's for sure.

Lord, this Africa trip is coming up really quick. I need your insight, your wisdom, your power, to just flood me over the next four weeks to get your mind on what you want the ladies to hear this year. There is a great burden for me to "get it right"...these ladies are so in need of a touch from you, and I can't afford to miss you on this...

Thank you for your help. I'm sunk without you.

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