Saturday, September 13, 2008

i eat pit bull for lunch

I have experienced something very dynamic this afternoon. A revelation from you -- huge revelation, and then a Holy Ghost filled prayer time that I truly believe shook the gates of hell and made the enemy want to puke.

I got mad. And that was all it took. Maybe that's what you were waiting for? Seriously, is that all you have been waiting for? If it's true than I feel really stupid and will make a note of it for next time.

Today I talked to a few of my spiritual children as well as a pastor friend or two. I just became fed up with what the enemy has put on some of God's children. And something rose up within me.

I read a story once of a mother who was pushing a baby in a stroller and all of a sudden a pit bull ran up and started growling at the baby and was going to attack it. Two men in the distance saw it but were not up close enough to do anything in time. One said to the other, "what do you think is going to happen?" The one said to the other, "I feel sorry for that pit bull."

When a Momma gets mad, look out.

This Momma got mad today. It was nothing with my natural children -- they're fine for this moment. It was my spiritual children. I realize some of them are under severe pressure and the enemy thought he had his way but he underestimated this mother.

What a rich time we had today, you and me, God. You know all about it but I wanted to journal it here so I could look back and remember and say, "that was the day!" I need to remember - September 13, 2008. This is really a significant day in my life.

I called a few people, spoke a strategic word into their life, and called down strongholds right there on the phone. I felt the power of God in such a strong way. Then I got off the phone, and started singing, shouting (my house was empty although they wouldn't think I was crazy...I'm known for stuff like this...they probably wouldn't blink.) I began singing, "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, they are mighty through the Holy Ghost" and making declarations over people's lives and then you directed me to get out the church directory and call every single name in prayer, cover them with the blood of Jesus and cancel every assignment against them. Then I went on to take out our declaration for 2008 and I pulled it off of the refigerator and shouted it in the enemy's face. And standing there in my kitchen I rebuked the devourer and I shouted, "YOU HAVE MADE THIS MOTHER ANGRY, AND YOU NEED TO BE SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!" And I just went through my house singing, shouting and praising God until I felt a breakthrough in the spirit.

You know what I think I just realized (don't know why I forgot it - other than the fact that the enemy WANTS me to forget it) but the devil wants the spiritual father and mother of the church to be spiritually incapacitated because he knows when they get mad and start to war on behalf of their children he's in serious trouble.

What's the difference between a spiritual mother and a pit bull? One's alive and one's in the frying pan getting ready to be eaten for lunch.

Idiot satan (I don't ever give you the satisfaction of capitalizing your name), I cancel every single one of your lame assignments against my children both natural and spiritual and call them null and void. I loose the power of God into every one of them and their situations, and call forth their destinies unhindered! I cancel every single one of your evil assignments against pastors, pastor's wives, and churches. I send you back to hell where you came from, and every one of your machinations are exposed now, in Jesus name. David prayed, "Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered"! And so I pray, "Let God arise, let His enemies absolutely be eaten for lunch." (Put some Sonny's Sizzlin' Sweet BBQ on mine so I can enjoy it even more....thank you very much.)


Tara Sloan said...

Uh-huh... YOU had a Sweet Home Alabama moment!!!! Love it! Watch out devil!

Melissa said...

PD - let me just say I feel funny commenting on here because I know its a personal letter to God but WOW! That is so stinkin awesome! I do believe satan is shaking in his boots right now! Nothing can get in the way of one angry momma! I totally agree! Love ya girl!

Deanna Shrodes said...

Please by all means comment here all you want. I simply made the disclaimer above in my comment form because I anticipate what might come from some readers who are not necessarily my friends.

I plan on this being an extremely honest blog, along the lines of the "wrecks" post on some days. (Remember that one? How could we forget?) and when I post something like that, or even more revealing or vulnerable, I wanted people to realize -- it's not to them, it's to God -- and He already knows my heart anyway.

But I so enjoy hearing my friends comments, so keep em coming.

Love you my friend! It is an honor to love God with you.

Margie said...

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered...or eaten for lunch!

I love it! What a beautiful description & an awesome reminder of the authority of the believer!

It's a great example of the word made flesh...

Judges 5:6 The highways were deserted and the travelers walked along the byways. Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, until I, Deborah, arose. I arose as a mother in Israel.

Thank you for sharing...I'll stop by again.